8 new features of WhatsApp expected to be launched in 2022

Here is a collection of some new and exciting features WhatsApp could possibly launch in 2022.

Several WhatsApp features have been released since the beginning of the month, and there is more to follow. WhatsApp has been seen working on a few new things in recent weeks. Some of these features are still in development, and some are reportedly in beta testing (meaning their release is not far off). Recently, WhatsApp was seen testing the integration of Instagram Reels into the platform. We've compiled a list of WhatsApp features that are active and likely to start working in the next few months. New WhatsApp features are expected to improve the messaging experience and introduce some new application features.

WhatsApp features expected to be launched in 2022

1. Hide your ‘visibility’ for certain contacts

WhatsApp always had a setting that lets you hide your last seen from your contacts. It is a handy feature for people who want to hide their availability from their WhatsApp contacts. One downside of using this feature is that you are also not able to see the ‘last seen’ status of your contacts. This causes issues for users like me who only want to hide their last seen status from specific people in my contacts but not all of them. Thankfully, the company is testing a new feature which lets people hide their ‘last seen’ status from only specific contacts.

Once the feature is live, you will be able to hide your ‘last seen’ status from certain contacts only and be able to see the ‘last seen’ status of all other people in your contacts. The feature is already available in beta version of the app and should be released in the coming weeks or months for all users.

2. There is no time limit for deleting sent messages

While WhatsApp allows users to delete sent messages, there is currently a time limit of up to 4,096 seconds (68 minutes and 16 seconds) to delete a post message. But according to the app's beta version of the app, the company may be planning to remove this limit permanently. The time limit for performing the removal action was not found during the test. It means users will be able to delete their sent messages at any time in the past. Having said that, there is no clear timeline for when this feature will be available, so it will take some time before we see this feature.

3. Multiple device support

The ability to use WhatsApp on multiple devices without relying on your smartphone connection has been one of the most requested features in WhatsApp. And this feature eventually comes to all devices. After being seen in several beta formulations, this feature was officially released in beta. Now, when you log into a desktop or web client on WhatsApp, you get the option to try this feature in beta.

I have been using this feature for a few weeks now, and it works without major problems. As a beta, you can use this feature on up to four devices at the moment. A lot of improvements are still needed before this feature can be eliminated. First of all, the conversation is still taking a long time to load on my desktop. I also discovered that, at the moment, not all my old conversations are synced. But these are problems that WhatsApp can solve with future versions of the app.

4. A new social feature

WhatsApp is working on a new social feature that could be distributed soon. This feature is reported to be similar to different groups and channels. This is not the same as the group feature that already exists on WhatsApp. The new community feature will give administrators more control over the various aspects of the app. Managers will be able to create as many teams within the community, just as you can in Discord. Like other chats, public chats will be nailed to the sidelines. We do not have further details on this feature yet, but in view of the amount of work required to use this feature, we are confident that the feature will be released in 2022.

5. WhatsApp Logout

Leaving WhatsApp will replace the 'Delete Account' button and support the upcoming multi-device feature. Like the WaBetaInfo report, which keeps track of WhatsApp updates, the app will eventually bring the opt-out option to its users. The option will allow users to log out of WhatsApp accounts on their devices, such as Facebook and other social networking apps. This feature has recently been introduced in the new beta version of WhatsApp and is said to be out of both iOS and Android versions of the app soon. The WhatsApp login feature may allow people in the app to use their account on multiple devices at once.

6. Instagram Reels on WhatsApp

WhatsApp to get the Instagram Reels section going forward. This feature is reported to allow users to view Instagram Reels directly from the messaging app. This can be part of the integration of WhatsApp and other Facebook-managed applications. For those who don’t know, Instagram Reels is a feature of a short video, which was added to the photo sharing app last year after the government banned TikTok.

7. Read later

Read later ’is said to be an improved version of the existing feature of conversations stored on WhatsApp. If the conversation is moved for later reading, WhatsApp will not send notifications for that conversation. Additionally, the feature will include 'holiday mode', which will ensure that 'read-after' conversations work the same as the archived conversations in the current stable version. Later reading will come with a edit button for users to customize the settings. WhatsApp users will also be able to select multiple conversations at once to save them instantly.

8. WhatsApp Insurance

Soon you will be able to buy insurance via WhatsApp in India. Facebook-hosted messaging forum will issue health insurance and small-scale pension products at its messaging site in India in conjunction with licensed financial services players. Initially, WhatsApp will sell SBI General sachet-health cover and HDFC Pension plans through its platform.


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